Intruder and hold up alarms are installed to the latest standards (PD662-2010) and meet requirement set by police, authorities and insurance companies. Remote signalling to the alarm receiving centre is available.

We offer our 24/7/365 service around the clock and pride ourselves with record short call outs in emergency situations.

We also install systems that are connected to monitoring centres as well as with police response connection.

The idea is that the alarm system connects to a receiving centre contracted by your installer or via a monitoring company. They call keyholders if there are two indications a burglary is taking place, such as a sensor going off or the sound of a door being kicked in.

Because it is more expensive, many people may decide they don’t need this extra level of cover. You may want this reassurance if you have particularly high-value items in your home or live in a remote area where a burglary may not be seen.

Consolidated Security is on list of approved installers by the following police departments and constabularies.



You can have your alarm system linked to the police. Paying more won’t guarantee they come out. Whether police goes to your home and how quickly depends on what other incidents are happening and what other resources are available. The call is graded by a call handler at the alarm receiving centre - If there is certainty that there’s someone in the premises, the call becomes a higher priority.

Metropolitan Police has quoted the following:

"If you are thinking about the installation of an alarm system in your home it is worth taking into account that the police response to alarm activations varies according to the type of alarm installed. In recent years the percentage of false alarm calls caused by either equipment, communication or user error represented in excess of 92% of all alarm activations nationally. In order to redress the balance in favour of genuine calls, the ACPO Unified Intruder Alarm Policy has been adopted by the police, in which two types of alarms are defined, together with the relevant police response..."

This clearly indicates the need for high quality installations and vivid responsibility by the business proprietors or house owners.

Consolidated Security is fully accredited by the leading Certification Body - SSAIB - offering a wide range of schemes for providers of electronic security fire systems and guarding services in the UK.


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