CCTV Systems

Video surveillance is a great solution for increasing the security of your home, because not only does it bring incre­ased protection, it can also provide more convenience. But during planning and use, it is important to keep several things in mind in order to take full advantage of video surveillance. You can use the following checklist to effectively test whether you have taken into account all the important points.

Even within your own four walls, video surveillance makes a valuable contribution to more safety. Surveillance of the property, front door, etc., allows you to know in advance who is approaching your home and possibly violating your privacy. Incidents can also be quickly and easily cleared up. Before you install a video system in a residence, a few questions should be clarified.

What will be monitored?

  • Which and how many areas are to be monitored?
  • What is in the picture? Is it legally permitted to use a video surveillance system to monitor the desired area (e.g. public areas like streets or the private premises of neighbors)?
  • Where will the cameras be attached?
  • How many cameras are needed for effective surveillance?
  • When will be monitored?
  • How will be monitored?

Transmission, display, and recording

  • What transmission type do you prefer?
  • Should there be remote access to the cameras e.g. via Internet or app)
  • Where will the images be displayed?
  • How will be recorded, if applicable?
  • Will video management software be used?

Please find enclosed the editable pdf file in which you can answer all the above questions and have a clear vision as well as plan for the CCTV installation. After having ticked all the relevant boxes, please send us the document by mail, email or any other way you can imagine.

Downloadable file in pdf here. Should you not have the Adobe Reader or similar please follow this link to download the same.



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