Is your house located in a quiet area?

Sparsely populated areas are very inviting to burglars. Particularly if your property is large and surrounded by a hedge, your neighbors will not notice an intruder. It also often is quite difficult to get a view of the property. No one on the outside would take notice of an intruder.

Are you frequently away from home?

When no one is home, burglars have an easy job. They can take their time in clearing out all your possessions, inflicting enormous financial damage in the process. Always leaving your house at the same time in particular can lead to you falling victim to burglary. That’s because burglars often scout properties before they commit crimes.

There was already a break-in in my neighbourhood, will the thieves come back?

Particularly in areas where burglary is a problem, an alarm system can deter burglars.
An outdoor sounder can sometimes be very effective, scaring off intruders before they act!

Has your house got security weaknesses?

Burglars like to take the path of least resistance. Weakly secured doors and windows are easy targets and thus very popular with intruders.

How important is fire safety for me?

The topic of fire safety plays an ever more important role in private households today. Smoke detectors often keep residents from being overcome by smoke in their sleep.

You can connect smoke detectors to your alarm system and be notified by telephone in case of a fire. Smoke detectors save lives!

Are you concerned about your personal safety at home?

Most accidents occur at home. For older people in particular it is comforting to know that help can be summoned via an alarm panel at the press of a button.




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